How’s your summer so far? Have you transitioned into your new schedule and flow?

Yeah, we haven’t either. Each day we do the best we can to juggle all the glorious opportunities these sunny days have to offer—balancing summer fun, with screen time, alongside that critical creative element…BOREDOM!

It’s okay for the kiddos to be bored. Remind them that they own approximately forty trillion individual Lego pieces and send them off to build something amazing.

This week is FULL of tech news for families. As always, this week arms you with more information for managing your digital life—the good stuff, the stuff to watch out for, and the part where someone put the cat filter on a government live stream. (Ha!)


READ: This is so creepy, but please read so you know how easy it is to be fooled.

WATCH: That viral video of the UNBELIEVABLE amusement park ride? Yeah, it’s fake. And the lesson here is how realistic it looks.

WHOA: Which brings us to our next topic: Deepfakes.

READ: Don’t call it an addiction. Call it a social norm—then you’ll have a shot addressing the unwanted behavior.

TRY: University of Pennsylvania researchers discovered that light users of social media “actually tend to be a bit happier than nonusers. Light users employ social media as a complement to real life. The problem is when light use metastasizes and begins to substitute for the real human connections in life.”

WATCH: Encouraging that Facebook’s Libra will be managed by an association and have a separate app for managing Libra transactions. But this is a company that has not historically hit it out of the park when it comes to protecting user data…and now they want to get into the user finances game.

READ: Facebook is already at the very top of the pile of companies that are dominating the digital economy—their friends at the top? Google and Amazon.

READ: Friendly reminder that Facebook lawyers think that if you want to keep something private, you should keep it away from Facebook.

WHOA: Do you love Alexa? Amazon is under fire for storing recording children’s voices. The problem is that users didn’t think that was possible.

DO: Having trouble sleeping? That blue light coming from your screen could be to blame. Good news! You can reverse the impact in one week.

READ: Google CEO says YouTube is too big to fix completely. Which means we as users, have to do our best to protect ourselves. The article uses the credit card system as an example of something that is large, regulated, and still has a small margin of fraud. Noted…which is why I’m incredibly careful with my credit card information…and why I’ll be more careful as I help my family navigate YouTube content.

LAUGH: That cat filter can sneak up on the best of us.

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