Are your kids out of school yet?! Our are and it’s summer GO TIME around here. Summer is a glorious time. Warm nights. Bare feet. Endless hours of screens and gaming!

Wait. That last part is tricky, right?  

That’s why we’re sharing the latest news on family tech, screen time, and social media every week—it’s your cheat sheet for family tech news.

Because it’s not all doom and gloom! There are so many articles, podcasts, and tools to help you can your family make the most out of technology while staying connected to each other.

DO: A hug is a simple and powerful way to balance the impact of all that screen time and create real connection in your family.

LISTEN: “The world is full of kids who used to have an anxiety disorder.” Used to. This podcast is a calming and empowering listen.

WATCH: Wondering what you’re in for when you head to the movie to see Aladdin? This detailed review will help you decide if it’s okay for your kiddos.

CHEER: A homeless boy won a chess championship and the story could not be sweeter.

TRY: Don’t wait until you’re frustrated at the couch potato situation at your house. Start your screen time rules now. We promise, this way is better.

WHOA: They claim phones aren’t eavesdropping. But the alternative is super creepy.

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Feature Photo by Joe Pizzio on Unsplash