This list would be longer, because the internet has been awash with old selfies courtesy of that sketchy face altering FaceApp. But the FaceApp story was so big, we had to take a dive into the news about that Russian-based app ourselves. You can read FaceApp is a Lesson in Reading the Fine Print for our take.

Here’s the rest of the tech news that impacts your family this week:

Facebook was fined 5 BILLION dollars for user privacy failures. Sadly, that’s a tiny sliver of Facebook’s annual revenue and that fine isn’t likely to motivate Facebook to implement real changes.

Google is mad. Someone leaked smart assistant user recordings. A LOT of them.

When WebMD chimes in, you know we’ve got a real issue with social media and its ties to teen depression.

Here’s an interesting and encouraging trend—millennials are taking social media breaks.

WHOA: Kids are spending 30 hours a week on phones. That’s almost a THIRD of their waking hours.

The FTC is looking into heavier regulation of platforms, like YouTube, that hide behind the requirement that users be 13 to access their platform. YouTube knows darn well it’s being accessed by young children and should be doing a better job to manage content and protect children’s privacy.

Try this for an easy mini screen sabbatical.

Have a great weekend!