Confused about 4chan and 8chan and the dark web’s role in spreading hate and fueling mass shootings? Start here.

“Each of these shootings appeared to have been designed to go viral: A horrific act would catch the world’s attention, and a manifesto would deliver the hate-filled payload.”

READ: Social media companies use predictive algorithms to help advertisers target users, the President is pushing for social media companies to do the same in an effort to predict mass shootings.

TRY: Do you want Siri and Alexa to forget your voice recordings? Here’s how. 

COMING SOON: $12.99 will get you Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ in November. Will you add it to your streaming mix, or are one of your services on the chopping block?

READ: Doorbell cameras can be super handy. Amazon’s Ring app has a feature that lets you flag and send “suspicious” video clips to the police. On one hand this is a great next step in the whole concept of a “neighborhood watch”, but if abused this could present some challenges for law enforcement and the communities they serve.

FAIL: Oh great, another “trusted” ad partner pilfered your data.

“The idea of getting an ad because you’re at a ball game isn’t so scary, but if the company maintains a persistent record not just of your exact locations, but objects in your photos and types of places you visit, in order to combine that with other demographics and build a detailed shadow profile… well, that’s a little scary.”