Great news if you like to hold on to your phone for a few years…despite fellow fancy phone owners harassing you about your frugal tech ways. It looks like more mobile phone users are getting cozy with the idea of forgoing the 24-month upgrade cycle and keeping their phone longer.

High-five to that! Because I cannot think of one other personal item that I “upgrade” every 2 years to the tune of $700-$1000.

COOL: 55% of mobile phone users plan to keep their devices for 3-5 years!

NOT COOL: 8 million Android users were tricked into downloading sneaky adware apps from the Google Play store—it was 85 individual apps downloaded more than eight million times.

READ THIS: Cybersecurity is big business, so why are people still getting hacked? Sure there are some big issues, but it turns out, we’re also making dumb mistakes as users.

READ THIS TOO: Facebook monitors where you go, all across the internet, and uses your digital footprints to target you with ads. Very soon you’ll be able to see what they know about you.

INTERESTING: The Apple Card sounds amazing. And like a great way for Apple to make sure we keep our Apple device handy at all times (because you get more cash back when you use the Apple Pay app on your phone), so let’s keep that in mind.

VIRAL: Instagram had to debunk a fake viral meme that had users, celebrities, and politicians in a panic. But it highlights how easily fake news, conspiracy theories, and propaganda can spread very quickly on the platform. (This is a good one for discussing at the dinner table with your Instagram using family.)

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