Fascinating, fun, and encouraging.

That’s the news around technology and families this week. Some of the social and content networks that our families frequent are trying to do better. (Keyword…trying.)

Here’s your cheat sheet for the latest news on family tech, screen time, and social media so you can get back to whatever summer has in store for you…perhaps a generous portion of ice cream?!

WATCH: Dear Internet, thank you for the gift that is the Sesame Street Tiny Desk Concert!

LISTEN: Technology brings extraordinary opportunities and benefits and what used to be considered science fiction is now our reality. Things like gene editing, artificial intelligence, and data collection. So scientists are creating models to help us consider what the future might look like, in an effort to help us manage our present.

WHOA: Pinterest realized that the search tool could drive users to misleading or harmful information, so they decided to break their search tool to protect users from certain search terms.

READ: The folks behind YouTube Kids are trying to fix the algorithm to protect kids from unsuitable content. The effort is encouraging, but they’ve still got work to do.

WATCH: Low tech education is becoming increasingly popular among tech executives that are in the business of creating high tech tools.

“The magic happens when we can leverage the good parts of technology with the good parts of good teachers and parents and invested adults can do to really allow children at all stages of development and learning to reach their full potential.”

READ: The privacy microscope is getting more intense for Facebook.

PONDER: This article about poetry and distraction has been on my mind this week…

“In the age of surveillance capitalism, the biggest corporations redirect the gaze, exploiting the psyche’s vulnerabilities for profit. Even silenced phones light up with notifications that break eye contact and disrupt concentration. YouTube plays videos in an endless loop, queued on the basis of intimate data, so that the emotional rush of one clip stokes the desire to watch the next. Facebook, the ultimate manipulation machine, arrays information to exploit the psychic weaknesses of users, with the intent of keeping them on its site for as long as it can. The hand touches the phone upon waking, even before it can rub the eye or reach across the bed to wake the spouse.” – Franklin Foer, The Atlantic

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