We’re all on the same page about the fact that our digital assistants are listening to us, right? Amazon, Google, and Apple have all come under fire in the last few weeks because it’s been revealed that real live people are tasked with listening to your recordings and then analyzing whether or not the digital assistant did a good job of answering your query.

The problem here is that most people are surprised by this revelation.

Responsible, tech-savvy folks just like you have expected a level of privacy and reasonable boundaries, but each week the news is full of some disappointing information when it comes to how the companies we’ve trusted with our data have been using it.

Which is why we keep our eyes open and share the good, the bad, and the helpful with you.

Let’s Get Screen Smart, together.

DO: It turns out that the privacy settings for Apple’s digital voice assistant, Siri, are very difficult to turn off. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial.

WHOA: A 16 year old from Pennsylvania just won $3 Million playing Fortnite! Esports are here to stay.

READ: All of these “dark patterns” are happening to you every day. And things like “confirm shaming” run RAMPANT in free kid’s gaming apps.

FUN: A runner is using his route-tracking app to create art. (File this under, “made us smile.”)

LOVE IT: These are ads I can get behind. The camera is my favorite iPhone tool.

CREEPY: The “influencers” that want your kid’s attention are now going creepily “virtual”…as in completely made up, digital, animated characters. And if you’re inclined to think, “Oh, animated characters! No big deal!” Take a look at their “bios” again.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Facebook is funding brain studies to see if mind-reading technology can be developed. Great.