Well, it looks like the news on technology, social media, and screen time that has an impact on your family has clearly not taken the summer off.

In fact, there’s a lot to think about this week.

But we promise it’s worth it. There’s good stuff here…and admittedly there’s some stuff that is hard to take a look at—like the pedophile problem that continues to brew on YouTube.

The more you know. The more you can protect your kids and give technology a healthy spot in your home—like the latest news about Pokemon gaming which is going to apparently make sleep the next big thing.

Good! We could use a nap.

DO: Apple is going to try to help users maintain a bit of privacy. That’s nice.

But while you’re at it, go ahead and revisit these 7 iPhone settings to stem the flow of information you are constantly giving away because most settings have a default setting that could be best described as “Share Everything. All the Time. With Everyone.”

TRY: Giving technology a meaningful role in your life doesn’t mean banishing it altogether, it can mean spending time on screens together.

READ: Ever wondered how YouTube knows which videos to recommend to you next, so that you keep watching? It’s a nuanced algorithm, that has created a deeply disturbing way for pedophiles to find images of children that were uploaded innocently and free of sexualized content, but are nonetheless very popular with these depraved viewers.

DO: “As adults, we can self-monitor our social media use. We know when enough is enough and when to put the phone down and do something else even though we might not do it every time. Teens, who are still children, don’t know how to self-monitor.” So let’s help them. 

READ: Google and Facebook are incredibly powerful companies. Their “product” is OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.

“Real choices mean informed consent—companies should explain what they’re doing with your data, why, and for how long, in plain English.”

LISTEN: This was a fascinating podcast on “digital minimalism”. No one purchased a smart phone expecting it to completely dominate our lives—and there’s a way to get your life back.

CHEER: Good news! Robo calls can now be blocked by default by wireless carriers. Sadly, your wireless carrier doesn’t have to provide this service for free. Keep an eye on your wireless carriers options surrounding this hot button issue.

READ: “New research finds that computers are most effective as teaching tools when used sparingly, and to teach kids at certain ages specific subjects.”

WHOA: Hey, if Pokemon can gamify sleep, like it did for GETTING OUT OF YOUR DANG HOUSE, then I’m all ears.

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