Here’s your cheat sheet for the latest news on family tech, screen time, and social media so you can get back to whatever the back to school hustle is throwing your way!

YouTube just got hit with a big fine for violating kids’ privacy (although not big relative to their annual revenue.) There are some good first steps here, but YouTube is mostly making big adjustments to how child users are being targeted with advertising messages. These aren’t the content safeguards that we’re all hoping for. Constant vigilance, parents!

Do you love your smart home so much that you’re ready for a smart car? Alexa, get in the car.

Facebook might be getting rid of likes. Will that entice you to post more? To spend more time on Facebook? Facebook is hoping so.

This is getting out of hand. Urban Outfitters is selling a jail for your cell phone.

Is the highly connected world making us all really, really impatient? This study says, Yes! (But I’m not sure why because I couldn’t wait for the page to load…just kidding!)

We all need to be aware of the threats posed by “deep fakes” — imagine what people could fake…or deny.

Social media can magnify bias. It can also take small steps to help prevent it. This was fascinating.

A sweet video from actor, Bill Hader, about how to handle anxiety and what he wishes he had known when he was a kid.