We found a sweet spot on reddit and some really great screen lock wallpapers for your phone. We also learned that keeping your information truly private is A LOT of work, and TikTok is being targeted by adult sites. Here’s what you need to know this week…

COOL: These screen lock wallpapers are the perfect reminder if you want to create better digital habits.

GAMING: Do your kids talk about “loot boxes”? Here’s why it matters to your wallet.

MUST READ: This is long, but holy smokes, you need to see how hard it is to protect your privacy.

“Until people demand a law that makes privacy the default, I’m going to try to remember, each time I click on something, that free things aren’t free.”

THINK: Facial recognition software is learning to recognize fear. But as with any algorithm, we have to ask is it making correct interpretations? And what are the implications? (Have you ever smiled through a frustrating PTA meeting?)

TRY: Here’s what a month-long screen break did for this writer. (I’m in. Who is with me?)

GROSS: TikTok is really popular right now, so pornographic websites are using the platform to attract users.

HOW TO: Wondering how to start setting screen time rules for your family? We’ve shared our best advice here.

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