Just like that, we’re already closing the book on June! My kids have been out of school for a solid month, and we’ve got two more to enjoy, but we’re definitely settling into our summer rhythm.

Lots of playing outside, ice cream, and harassing kids to put on some sunscreen. And plenty of negotiating screen time and ushering kids outside instead. I am that parent that will just say “not today, it’s beautiful outside” in case you need to tell your kids that meaner moms, DO exist!

Here are the things that landed on our team’s radar this week—the stuff that inspired us, made us laugh, and made us double check our privacy settings….

TRY: Show your kids how to enjoy some screen free time by doing what you love.

“If you spend more time in your life doing the things that you love and that you feel are worthwhile, the kids in your life will get hip to what that looks like. ‘If adults can show what they love in front of kids, there’ll be some child who says, ‘I’d like to be like that!’ or ‘I’d like to do that!’ -Mister Rogers”

READ: Instagram is adding ads to the last ad-free part of the social media platform. But honestly, it’s the place that the ads make more sense, so I’m not even mad.

STOP: Child drownings are being linked to parents distracted and on their phone. We can all agree that the text message can wait.

YIKES: Oh great, looking down at our phone is causing people to grow “horns.”

WHOA: If you want to trade your privacy for an easier experience, just make sure you know what you’re getting into.

“Because reCaptcha v3 is likely to be on every page of a website, if you’re signed into your Google account there’s a chance Google is getting data about every single webpage you go to that is embedded with reCaptcha v3—and there many be no visual indication on the site that it’s happening, beyond a small reCaptcha logo hidden in the corner.”

READ: Star Wars star, Daisy Ridley, has no plans to ever return to social media—and feels much happier without it in her life after deleting her accounts in 2016.

READ: A fashion influencer is getting roasted after an advertising sponsorship document was leaked that allowed brands to be featured in her “surprise” marriage proposal by her boyfriend. Regardless of what you think about influencers or sponsored content, I think the key takeaway here is the reminder that, very often, what you see from online influencers is a carefully managed, staged, and highly curated version of their life. Remind your kids.

READ: Instagram and Facebook say they aren’t listening through your smartphone to serve you ads. Forgive us for feeling skeptical…

LOL: Jimmy Fallon and Chrissy Teigen play “Can You Feel It?” and I have NEVER LAUGHED HARDER.