MUST READ: Researchers are going toe to toe in the scientific debate over teens, screens, and mental health.

FINALLY: YouTube is banning disturbing content that is deliberately targeted at kids. (Took long enough. And for our money, YouTube is still not a place we allow our kids to roam freely.)

HARDER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE: How often do you take a break from your phone? No. I real break? Does it require a trans-Atlantic boat ride?

CAN’T WAIT: Here’s a list of every show, movie, and original series coming the Disney Plus app in November. (This is what we save our screen time for!)

WHOA: This is what happened to my son MINUTES after signing up for Instagram. (Spoiler Alert: it was gross.)

FOR THE GAMERS: Have you heard of “swatting”? It’s a form of online harassment and there’s a volunteer registry for people who think they might be targeted.

AGREE? DISAGREE? YouTube is committed to remaining an “open platform” and the CEO is okay with “content that is outside the mainstream, controversial, or even offensive.” 

WOO HOO! Verizon is making spam call filtering the default setting!

GOOD FOR PINTEREST: Pinterest is fighting misinformation on its platform about vaccinations. Regardless of what you think about vaccines, this is a fast and informative read about how search engines and platforms can make it difficult to find clear information.

DO THIS: You need a password manager. Yes, you.

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