Not sure where to start? We get it. That’s why we created Get Screen Smart.

Our speakers are educators, therapists, and parents helping families answer the question: how do we manage the role and influence of technology in our lives?

How do we use these tools to make sure that our first priority in our family is connection?

How do we handle the challenges presented to families with each new digital evolution?

How do we harness the positive aspects of each new digital development?

We work together to Get Screen Smart.

How We Do It

Our speaker presentations are engaging, entertaining, and most importantly packed full of smart, actionable guidance that you can take home and start implementing immediately. We’ve worked with children of all ages and families and communities with so many different screen time challenges.

We provide the tools so you can develop a healthier relationship with screens. Get Screen Smart speakers host parent workshops, school and community events, corporate events, and provide educational resources for schools, children, and families.

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