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Internet Safety, Digital Citizenship, Personal Growth


“Use technology to create not cope”. This is the philosophy of Cole Parkinson when asked about the internet. He acknowledges how beneficial technology can be. He realizes that never before in history can you use a tool that will visually teach you how to do anything for free. Cole feels so fortunate to be speaking about a topic that he is so passionate about. He has taught over 90,000 students and parents throughout the State of Utah.

Cole Parkinson grew up in Mapleton Utah graduating from Springville High. Following high school, Cole decided to serve a two year church mission in Des Moines, Iowa. During his undergraduate studies, Cole studied psychology with an emphasis on technology. He is fascinated by how technology is influencing our mentality and behaviors. After graduating with his Bachelors from Utah Valley University in 2017, he decided to pursue a unique field of psychology known as Sport and Exercise Psychology. He is currently finishing his Master’s degree in this field, where he studies the minds of elite athletes. Cole describes himself as a busy person, not because he has to be but because he likes to be. He recently picked up woodworking, building furniture pieces. He also loves playing guitar and hopes to perform as a musician in the near future. He also loves snowboarding, kayaking, basketball, golf and more recently pickleball. Cole resides in Orem Utah with his incredible wife Carla.