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Healthcare, Nutrition, Fitness


Michelle is the Chief Nutrition Officer at

Michelle has been a Registered Nurse for 32 years. During that time she has practiced at the bedside in Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, and on the trauma team. She has been involved in education for the last 20 years beginning with teaching at the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University Dental School to currently teaching in the Health Sciences department at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She has extensive experience in curriculum writing and program development. She developed several statewide health care programs for the Commonwealth of Virginia working with the Governor’s office. She also built the medical specialties programs for the Chesterfield Technical College in Chesterfield Virginia.

Michelle is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and an Therapeutic Nutrition Practitioner through the Institute of Functional Medicine and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She developed the highly successful MoreEnergy nutrition program. Her main focus is to provide nutrition and lifestyle education and coaching to those who want to take control of their disease risks and processes and live a healthier, more productive life.

She loves trying new things, learning everything about everything, and being outdoors and active. Most of all she loves her husband and their 7 kids, spouses and grandkids!