Perform a guitar concert, visit Bali, start a small business selling woodwork furniture, learn how to surf….these are just four items I chose from my fifty item bucket list. In a recent experiment where I was given thirty minutes to write down as many bucket list items I could think of, I discovered something interesting. Not one item included being in front of a screen. The purpose of this article is not to complain about screen time but rather to point out the value screen time has to reach a greater goal. Consider for a moment your future bucket list desires as well as past significant memories. I am willing to bet that as you dig up old yet special memories, you will remember special events, people and places. Now think about how you got to the special event, significant people or significant places? You likely used technology to get to that point. Let me give you a more clear example of what I am talking about.

Bucket List Items Using Technology to Help you reach your Goal
Visit Maui Use a flight tracking tool (Hooper, Skyscanner) to find the best deals on flights.
Learn the Piano Several apps can help you learn an instrument by providing you with exercises which will track your progress through audio recognition.
Act in a Film Subscribe to acting agencies to be aware of any potential roles which might provide an opportunity for you.
Start a non-profit Use social networks to find others who are passionate about the purpose of the non-profit. They will likely contribute.
Rescue an Animal Follow Instagram/Facebook Animal shelters where you can be informed of animals in need.
Become Financially Free Create an online banking account and begin building interest, download budget apps or investing apps.
Receive my pilots license Virtual Reality is a great way to advance your skills in flight school. It prepares you for real world experiences.

According to research conducted by Common Sense Media, screen time has increased every single year. However my greater concern is how this amazing tool is being used. While interviewing 10-year-olds,  it was Fortnite (no surprise) which was the common theme. One participant answered the question of “What’s your biggest fear for the future” his response, “that people will stop playing Fortnite”. Over and over we see that entertainment stands alone at the top of the list. This includes Netflix, Snapchat, and the current favorite video game. Its true you can use social media in a constructive way, I argue that by filling our time using the internet as a tool we won’t have as much time for the eye candy that is so familiar to society. Overall we need parents and leaders to demonstrate constructive technology use. As digital leaders we must model using devices to build a better life instead of coping through our current life.